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        Welcome to the official website of shangyiyuan charging point!

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          • Laissez-faire status quo,safety hidden danger, difficult to pass the fire

          • Monthly charges,it is difficult to fair and reasonable,difficult to collaction

          • The deduction fee of simple charging equipment is unreasonable and low in practical efficiency

          • Private wire charging,affect the beauty of the community

          • Take home charging,the battery is heavier,charging trouble

          • No automatic electric outage,overload protection,accident hidden danger

          Charging pile

          • Centralized Management
            Adopt centralized management method, Not only convenience for inhabitant but also improve envirenment for
            Charging pile
          • Automatic outage
            Automatic outage while battery full can protection battery and eliminate hidden of fire
            Charging pile
          • Prepayment method
            Prepayment,time/metering deduct method don't worry about delay pay or no pay
            Charging pile
          • Maintance easy
            Adopt intelligent operation model that owned independent layout,not only maintain convenience but also system safely and reliable。
            Charging pile
          • Charging pile
            Nobody management
            Pull electic wire for charging without permission and old wire, easy to make fire.
          • Charging pile
            No automatic outage
            If no automatic outage under battery power full will easy to result in accident happen.
          • Charging pile
            Tradition bill method
            Tradition monthly pay,collaction not fair and low efficiency.
          • Charging pile
            High difficult to maintain
            Layout not flexible can't use on off-line and high difficult maintain.

          Successful case

          charge pile

          Business partner


          Shenzhen Shangyi Innovation Technology Co.,Ltd.

          Located in the coastal city of shenzhen, China.The company is set R&D,production,sales and after-sales in one; Specializes made intelligent charging station,vehicle intelligent charging pile, intelligent socket and intelligent switch etc charge equipment high-tech enterprises! Focus in intelligent charge equipment is 6 year,they called us intelligent charge expert in the industry.The company has a number of highly accomplished professional technical personnel,and set up a perfect engineering technology research center,the whole process monitoring quality system and the introduction of advanced production equipment

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